Blow and Go-Hourly Hot Shop Rental


If you are an experienced glassblower, you may rent our hot shop.  You must be pre-approved prior to your first session.  Pre-approval will require that you provide proof of your education and experience.  Once approved, you will need to log into your Heatmiser account to book the available time slots.  Please visit our Hot Shop Rental page for pre-approval requirements and a description of our equipment and rental program.  Please do not book these sessions if you have not yet been approved to do so.

Hourly hot shop rental is available as part of our regular production and teaching schedule.  We require a minimum of two booked sessions per day.  Once we have the two session minimum, we will offer single session bookings for that day.  You are welcome to book a two (or more) session spot for yourself. Instruction classes and hot shop rental sessions are included in the 2 session minimum, so if we have at least two of either type of bookings, we will open up single session (1 hour) bookings for that day.

**Cancellation Policy:  We prepare for your session on the day prior to your scheduled date and light our glass furnace for your session between 4 am and 6 am on the day of your session.  Once we light the furnace, there is no turning back for us.  So we cannot provide a refund or reschedule on the day of your session.  However, you may reschedule your session or request a refund up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled session time.  You can go to your Island Fire account page to reschedule

Pick one or more events on the calendar and click "Book Session"

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