Introduction to Flameworking


In Introduction to Flameworking, you will use a torch to create glass art!

This class is approximately 1.5 hours long.  Please review the class description below the booking calendar.

We require a minimum booking of two spots, so you can either book for two people (up to four) or book the minimum two spots as a private lesson.


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In our Introduction to Flameworking class, you will work alongside other students at a table equipped with propane/oxygen torches.  We have two options for this introductory course:  a solids class and a blown objects class.  You will use the torch to soften glass rods and tubing and then manipulate the glass to form solid sculpted objects, such as marbles, small paperweights, pendants, etc.,  and blown objects, such as a glass ornament.

This class is currently limited to four students and we must have a minimum number of two students before scheduled sessions can be booked.  If you are unable to book with the minimum number of students, please use the form below to reserve a spot in the class.  We will let you know when we have enough people to teach the class so that you can finalize your booking.  You may also take this class as a private session by booking the two student minimum for yourself.  If you would like to take both the solids and blown object classes back-to-back, please use the form below to request both sessions, or give us a call after your booking so we can confirm and arrange payment. The total class time will be 3 hours for both sessions.

We recommend booking this class as a group and are very open regarding non-scheduled times for this class.  It is possible to book your group in the evening and on days that we are closed.  It is also a great class for a group to take concurently with our Blow and Go furnace glass class.  This allows some of your group to work one-on-one with the furnace glass instructor while others in the group do flameworking.  Call for more details.

Please call us at 251-245-8140 to discuss your desired time and date or use the form below:

Please note that your glass creation will need to spend the night in our annealing oven.  You will be able to pick it up after 11 am the following morning.  Shipping is available.
This class may be taught indoors or outdoors, depending on weather.  We can only teach the class if the outside temperature is less than 85 degrees F, or greater than 55 degrees F.  If possible, we will let you know at least one day prior if your class cannot be conducted.
**Cancellation Policy:  We prepare for your class on the day prior to your scheduled class date.  We cannot provide a refund or reschedule on the day of your class.  However, you may reschedule your class or request a refund up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled class time.  You can go to your Island Fire account page to reschedule

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