Introduction to Kilnforming


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Kilnforming is the production of glass art objects like plates, bowls, ornaments, jewelry and more, by assembling cut glass pieces into your desired pattern and then fusing and slumping them in a kiln. In this Introduction to Kilnforming class, you will be working with pre-cut pieces of clear and colored glass, assembling them into your desired pattern. We will then fuse and slump your piece in our kiln, cool it slowly, and it will be ready for pick within 3 to 7 days. The class will be conducted on the covered porch of our Gallery. You will sit comfortably at a table to design your piece. You are never in direct contact with a heat source in Kilnforming, but it can get warm here in Lovely Lower Alabama. For that matter, it can get cool too! We have fans on the porch to keep you comfortable. In the cooler months we provide heating. This is intended to be a fun basic experience for all. Our minimum age is 6 years old, but if you are under 16, you must take the class with a parent or guardian. Definitions: Fusing is simply the melting of glass so that your assembled piece becomes one single, flat object. Slumping is the heating of your piece so that it “slumps” into a mold, turning your flat object into a 3-dimensional one.