Pumpkin Puff Glassblowing Class


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Pumpkin Puff is a quick introduction to furnace (offhand) glassblowing and sculpting.  You will work with one of our glassblowers to help create your own unique design!  Each class is about 20 minutes long.  You can book a scheduled class or, if you are visiting our shop during a pumpkin production day, we will do our best to squeeze you in while you’re here.

In this class you will be assisting our glassblower to make your pumpkin.  You will select and apply colors to your piece and help to blow and shape it.  Best of all, you get to keep whatever you help create! 

The class is held at our outdoor hotshop.  We generate a lot of heat, in addition to what Mother Nature provides, so you should be prepared to sweat (or at least glow), which means you should bring Gatorade or your favorite drink (or you may purchase it here).  We have filtered tap water in our coffee shop, as well as bottled water and other drinks for sale.  We will have adequate ventilation and a fan in the work area.  We provide safety glasses, which must be worn.  If you have prescription glasses, wear contacts if possible.  You may be able to wear the safety glasses over your prescription. 

The class is limited to ages 16 and up unless it is taken with, or supervised by, a parent or guardian.  You must also sign a release before you can take the class. The release and more class information can be downloaded once you purchase your class session.  The class may be taken as a group, with each person taking their turn to make their art piece while others watch or assist.  The price is the same for each participant and we add 15-20 minutes for each person, or whatever time it takes to make their piece. A group of 4 would take about 1 hour.  If you are taking this as a group, you must reserve and pay for consecutive sessions for each of your participants.